Heavy Metal Lace Up O-ring Leggings

I’m finally offering these super rad leggings for custom order!  I made them originally in…2009 maybe?  Then they just sat around my studio, sad and neglected.  But here they are at last, in full black metal glory, to be ordered in your size on my etsy page!  They lace up at the hips and ankles, and there’s hook & eye closure at the top of the waistband for safety.  The pyramid studs around the legs are reinforced with lining fabric.  Since they’re custom made you can have them made in your favorite color!  Which is probably black anyway.  I just thought I’d throw it out there.

heavy metal o-ring leggings 5  heavy metal o-ring leggings 3

heavy metal o-ring leggings 1

heavy metal o-ring leggings 6

Fallout: Nuka Break – Red Star short film

The guys at Wayside Creations made a new fan film based on the game Fallout and one of their characters from the web series Fallout: Nuka Break. I was the costume designer on this one too, and it’s featured on Machinima Prime!

Made to Order Lattice Pointed Hem Skirts

I designed these skirts in 2006 and still love them today!  The first one took about a week to make because every strip of fabric is finished and woven into the lattice pattern at exactly the right angle and measurement, and then sewn down onto the base fabric.  Then over 350 studs were put on, so it’s literally heavy metal clothing :)  I have a long and a short version listed on my Etsy store.  I make them in your size and color preferences, along with any other specifications and requests you might have.

long lattice skirt 3

Click here to view the long version on Etsy

sheer latice skirt 3

Click here to view the short version on Etsy

A Custom Heavy Metal & Satanic Jacket

I was asked to make a custom vinyl moto jacket in the vein of this corset I made last year:

Here’s what I made – a heavy metal vinyl jacket covered in zippers with studs and custom distressed paint job (the vinyl started out as plain bright red), including a hand painted Baphomet on the back!

jacket finished front
jacket finished studs

jacket finished back
jacket finished baphomet


Berzerker Extreme Industrial Grind Shirt Reconstruction

If you have seen the movie Clerks, then you are somewhat familiar with the Australian extreme industrial grind / death metal project The Berzeker.  Although no longer making music, these guys were definitely extreme.  Each album was more intense than the last.  Here is their “Brutal as Fuck” shirt that I recreated into a sexy backless dress:

christopher nikki berzerker dress

Modeled by Nikki Shannon and shot by Christopher Alvarez at a Bar Sinister event.  Nikki is also wearing my Black Metal Wonderland spiked gauntlets.

berzerker heavy metal dress nikki shannon

berzerker heavy metal dress back chains insidious clothing